2020 Wedding Trends

As we arrive into the spring of 2020, Petals and Roses are noticing more and more trend changes. Colour is the new pastel; vegan is taking the catering industry by storm and more and more people are eager for sustainable weddings. Now, is a better opportunity than ever to ensure you have captured every aspect of your day – spend your extended wedding countdown thinking of new and creative ways to express both you and your partners personalities.

Here are our most popular and recommended wedding trends in 2020! 

Colour Scheme  

Now we are starting to move away from block pastels, people are looking to mix different shades of their favourite colours. After seeing the drastic decline in anything but pastel pink and pastel blue, we have now entered in to a more creative 2020! Edging into some botanical vibes, and tonal variations throughout.  

Seasonal trends are a must. 






It has come to the attention of Brides and Grooms that evening buffets are most enjoyed when offered as a street food alternative, as opposed to your typical buffet. Being the huge rise in ‘street food’ type restaurants and multicultural vending options, why not follow the trend?  

Hog Roasts, Outdoor pizza ovens’, Burger Vans, Ice Cream Vans – you name it, you got it! 

DIY Weddings  

A rising trend saw brides in 2019 creating their own centrepieces. In 2020, they are doing their own centrepieces, placemats, floral bouquets, invites and even seating arrangement displays! Tis’ the year to DIY. With YouTube tutorials, and the ever so creative mind – it’s a piece of cake! 

The Return of the Rose 

The reigning champion, and still the undefeated flower – The Rose.  

Petals and Roses have noticed a huge rise in the demand for Rose petals in 2020 and after years of Succulents, Peonies and Lillies; the favoured Rose is ready for a comeback! Being the original symbol of love and romance, plus being available in a range of colours the undeniable raw beauty of the Rose, will indefinitely always remain the Queen of all flowers. Be it a beautiful simplistic bouquet with pops of vibrant roses throughout, or a confetti path made solely of scattered rose petals – the rose is a perfect wedding staple in 2020 

Want to know what coloured Roses represent? Check out our blog.

Two is always better than one 

A ceremony dress and a reception dress will become a staple in 2020 as brides find more ways to show off their personality and style. Given the opportunity to wear a more versatile outfit on an evening – brides are getting swarmed by evening wear options such as; sleek and silk dresses, lightweight gowns and even white playsuits. A trend fuelled by the influence of celebrities such as Billie Faires and Ellie Goulding. 

Wedding games and Fun activities 

A wedding is a day to celebrate both the bride and grooms’ personalities and interests. As we see a rise in eccentric wedding themes, we also embrace our need for childlike fun with interactive games and ways to excite our guests! Caricature artists? Mega board games, a Bucking Bronco, or some have even added a VR booth! 2020 is the year for new guest interactivity trends, why not add one of your own? Be a trendsetter! 

Victorian Dresses 

With Boho still being a lead in wedding style/themes, the Victorian era is making a come-back! Although the Victorians’ were very particular with their style, there has been a modernistic approach that has altered the previous gowns to become so much more than just an antique. The old-age designs have been tweaked in a sleek and sexy fashion – whilst still maintaining some traditional appearances with high necklines, long sleeves and lace. Who doesn’t just adore a bit of lace?  

Pictured: Ellie Goulding 2019 

Ellie Goulding 2019

LGBTQ Celebrations  

An iconic moment (so we think) in Northern Irish history was when their first Gay marriage was legalised earlier this year. This social and religious acceptance has set a great standard for the rest of the nation. However, in our beautiful celebration of love and equality… Are we still celebrating traditional wedding values? Or are we embracing our own? An upcoming trend this summer/autumn is the rise in LGBTQ weddings and a Best Woman or Male Brides-Man! As gender roles become less defined, a mixed gender bridal party rises to fame and takes the wedding industry by storm!  

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