Here at Petals & Roses we’re continually striving to improve our sustainability, whilst offering you the best customer service and luxury products you’ve come to expect from us.

We are a UK based provider of dried real petals and 1 year rose gifts. We freeze dry quality rose and hydrangea petals on site, aided by solar power and only buy extra units from the grid when needed.

Our sustainable products

Biodegradable Petals

All our petals are biodegradable and eco-friendly, making them perfect for throwing confetti at weddings, baby showers, celebrations and special occasions.

We freeze dry only the highest quality petals using state-of-the-art technology. This slows down the natural biodegrading process by removing the moisture, and keeping the petals looking at their best for up to 3 months; giving you the perfect opportunity to use them for your celebration. Most event venues and churches recommend biodegradable confetti.

To achieve a bright vivid colour, a small selection of our petals are dyed and these petals cannot be guaranteed for colour leaching.

1 Year Rose Gifts

Our 1 year preserved rose gifts are sustainably sourced from Ecuador are much more efficient than fresh-cut flowers, due to their long shelf life and low energy transport and storage. The result is that the preserved flowers have a significantly lower carbon footprint than fresh-cut and artificial flowers.

The preserving process starts when the flower is harvested at its peak, then plant sap and water are carefully replaced with a specific mixture of plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula to keep it looking beautiful and fresh.

These beautiful preserved roses can last up to 12 months, far longer than fresh flowers, making them much more economical.

Gift of the gift of roses for a full year with our forever rose gifts, choose from our beautiful collection including a rose cube, single rose stem, hanging rose and even a Luxe display rose to decorate their coffee table or dresser.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We feel the perfect packaging truly compliments our luxury products and so we’ve designed our own stunning packaging with sustainability in mind:

Reduce our paper consumption

To ensure we only use what we need when we are boxing up your dried flower petal orders and forever rose gifts, we don’t include invoices in your parcels to reduce the amount of unnecessary paper we put out. Everyone receives an email confirmation of their order. We’re saving trees and reducing our carbon footprint as we go.

Our delivery boxes are from 80% recycled sources and use plant-based inks. We even seal our boxes with eco-friendly paper tape.

Committed to a sustainable future

We feel it’s important to continue developing and improving our biodegradable petal confetti and 1 year rose gift products, along with our outstanding customer service with sustainability in mind. We all need to look after the one earth we have, and as a company we will continue to share our sustainability journey with you.