What do my Petal colours symbolise?

It is very easy to go with your favourite colour when selecting your rose petals – But how about the thought of symbolisation? What does this colour mean? Does it represent your theme? Does it represent your relationship?
Let’s find out.  

Red Rose Petals
A favourite amongst all. The red rose is a traditional symbol of love and romance but it also reflects beauty and perfection, the darker the rose the more unconscious the beauty. Is your other half a Red Rose? Do they have a hidden beauty that everyone else can see, but they simply cannot see themselves?

Pink Rose Petals
The pink rose is the most delicate of all – representing admiration joy and gentleness. To depict your admiration for one another, pink rose petals are a must. Should your other half bring joy and grace to all that he/she encounters, they are a delicate pink rose.

White Rose Petals
White roses, the purist of colours – representing innocence and purity. White roses are traditionally used in weddings, signifying new beginnings. Used to express the beauty of love in its purest form. Similar to that of a dove – the rose petals are soft and delicate. A must for a Winter Wonderland themed wedding!

Black Rose Petals
The colour black has often been synonymous with death and mourning and is usually used at funerals, but black roses do have a more positive and beautiful meaning as well. They can stand for the beginning of new things and major change, black roses often inspire confidence by signalling the birth of a new era, bringing hope and courage.

Yellow Rose Petals
A bright and vibrant colour – to signify happiness and warmth. Perfect for a summer wedding and a fantastic representation of joy and friendship. Did you start off as friends before lovers? Does your partner bring joy and happiness to your life? Then, your relationship is represented by a Yellow Rose.

Can’t decide on a single rose colour? Feel free to mix and match using our Pick & Mix petals!  

P&R x