Here at Petals & Roses, we produce luxury biodegradable petals for weddings, proposals and events, along with stunning 1 year rose gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and celebrations.

Petals & Roses are one of the UK’s largest producer of freeze dried Rose and Hydrangea petals and suppliers of preserved roses. We have a vast wealth of knowledge, ensuring you receive only the finest quality petals and roses.

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Luxury Biodegradable Petals

Long lasting Rose or Hydrangea Petals for weddings, events, anniversaries, proposals and more.

1 Year Rose Gifts

Preserved Rose Gifts that keep their colour and shape for 12 months. The perfect gift for a birthday, special occasion, anniversary or finishing touch to your home decor.

Petals & Roses Delivery Info

We ship our luxury dried rose and hydrangea petals, and 1 year rose gifts across the UK, Europe and Rest of the World. Take a look at our Delivery information

Refunds & Returns

We hope you love your dried rose and hydrangea petals or preserved roses, but if not visit our refunds and returns page.