Luxury freeze dried petals

Freeze dried petals appear to look like beautiful fresh petals and hold their stunning colour and shape far longer than fresh flowers. During the freeze drying process moisture is carefully removed which dramatically slows down their ageing process, meaning you can enjoy them for longer.

Petals are used for decoration or throwing confetti for special events like luxury weddings, celebrations, proposals, anniversaries, parties, Valentine’s Day and more. Our petals have been featured in Hollywood films, and even luxury hotels.

All the freeze dried petals are biodegradable so you can celebrate your event with peace of mind as the petals will naturally biodegrade when subject to the elements. If you are using the petals outdoors, there is no need to clean up or dispose of the petals, they’re like flowers in a garden.

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Do petals stain?

The majority of our freeze dried petals are dye-free so they will not stain. To view our dyed petals click here [link] as these petals are dyed to achieve a richer colour, it is possible they may stain light surfaces.

How many petals do you need

Use the Petal Calculator to find out how many litres of petals you need for your event

When to order

Freeze dried petals hold their stunning colour and shape for up to 3 months when stored away from heat, moisture and light. Once you’ve decided what colours you’d like, order today and choose immediate dispatch if your event is less than 3 months away, or Pre-order today for events over 3 months away and have everything dispatched 1 month before your event, when you need them.

How to store petals

To maintain the freeze dried petals shape and colour, store them away from heat, moisture and light in their original packaging until you need them.

Custom petal mix

Create your own bespoke mixture of petals with Pick & Mix

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses last up to 1 year and require no water or light to remain beautiful and vibrant. These stunning roses are long lasting and are available in a range of colours. The preserving process starts when the flower is harvested at its peak, then plant sap and water are carefully replaced with a specific mixture of plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula to keep it looking fresh.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The only care a preserved flower requires is occasional removal of dust, ideally with an air spray, air blower or alternatively gentle dusting with a soft cloth. Due to the preserving process it is possible preserved flowers may stain light surfaces.

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