About Petals & Roses

Petals & Roses are committed to providing quality freeze dried flower petals and preserved roses with highly recommended client care.

Passionate about petals, we are a leading supplier of freeze dried rose petals in the UK, using the latest freeze drying equipment and only the best quality roses and hydrangeas.

We offer a full range of luxury freeze dried rose petals along side our with beautiful collection of hydrangea petals and a complementary range of 1 year preserved rose gifts.

All our petals are biodegradable, dried and ideal for weddings, proposals, celebrations and special events.

Produced in the UK

Only the best flowers are sourced locally where possible and overseas. We have perfected our freeze drying process over many years of experience and gained expert knowledge, all on our premises in the UK. Once each rose has been freeze dried each petal is carefully handpicked to ensure that only the highest quality petals are selected for our clients.

Petals & Roses client base spans across the UK, Europe and around the world. Our biodegradable petals have featured in Hollywood films, celebrity weddings, insta-worth proposals, numerous events and launches.

To sample the quality of our rose and hydrangea petals for yourself, request up to 5 petal samples on the Petal Samples page

Get in touch with Petals & Roses

Petals & Roses normal working hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4pm on Fridays. We are closed on weekends and during bank holidays. We dispatch all our orders during the working week

If you’d like to get in touch visit our contact page and we will get back to you within two working days.

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