Why use Biodegradable Petal Confetti

Choosing the right wedding confetti for your big day can be a difficult task when you’re faced with an array of options; deciding the type, colour, how much you should order and how to display it. One of the most important decisions is to choose biodegradable petals so you do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Real petal confetti is eco-friendly and will naturally biodegrade when subjected to the elements, unlike paper, plastic and glitter which is extremely harmful to the environment and may not even biodegrade. Opting for real petals doesn’t mean you’re missing out on the ultimate confetti shot, it will in fact intensify the shot as our gorgeous luxury petals come in an variety of stunning colours to match your scheme. They also float delicately when thrown allowing your photographer more than enough time to capture your special moment.

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Featuring Summer Mix Petal Confetti

Recommended by Wedding Venues

Wedding venues and even event planners are trying to encourage couples to take more eco-conscious steps when wedding planning. These days wedding venues refuse to accept anything other than biodegradable petal confetti as it is safe to throw it in natural surroundings and it won’t ruin the venues picturesque grounds; plus they don’t need to clean up after your wedding celebration.

If you’re unsure if your venue allows real petal confetti, order a petal sample so you can discuss it with them at your next appointment. It’s important to always check with them first to avoid disappointment.

Petal Confetti Samples

Made from Real Roses & Hydrangeas

All our Rose and Hydrangea flowers are sourced from around the world (locally when possible) to ensure only the best quality flowers are used when making your petal confetti. We then freeze dry them using state-of-the-art-technology, at our HQ in the the UK. In doing this we remove the moisture from the petals which in turn locks in the colour and shape for up to 3 months, which is far longer than fresh flowers.

From pale pink, whimsical white, dreamy blue to vibrant yellows we are confident that we have the perfect petal colour for your big day. You can even make your own bespoke confetti mix via our Pick and Mix service, you simply select up to 5 Rose or Hydrangea petals and we will mix it especially for you. All of our petals are 100% biodegradable so you can enjoy their beauty guilt-free.

Yellow Rose Petals

The confetti petals will arrive with you in our sophisticated petal boxes which are all completely recyclable and feature a compostable window too.

1, 2 & 5 litre Petal Box

Highly Recommended

Not only are we recommended by real customers on Feefo, we are also highly recommended by photographers too, here is some of our recent reviews, however you can review them all on Feefo.

”Repeat customer.. Service was quick and professional as before…The rose petals were in excellent condition and as described on the web site. I would recommend Petals and Roses as my go to company.” – Feefo Review

Having worked with Petals & Roses petal confetti in the past I can highly recommend the petals for the ultimate confetti shot.” Dita Bowen Photography

Fuchsia Petals

How much to order

Don’t depend on your guests to bring confetti on the day and even if they do it may not be enough to achieve the shot you hoped for. For a show stopping confetti moment we recommend asking all your guests to throw. Visit our petal calculator and set your requirements for how many guests you have attending and see the calculation update automatically as to how much you need to order. If your needs are greater than the guide quantities provided then please get in touch with us and we will gladly advise and discuss options with you.

Botanical Mix

When to order

Once you’ve decided on your petals colours, order today and choose immediate dispatch if your wedding is in July, August or September. Alternatively, you can pre-order today for weddings over 3 months away and have your petal confetti delivered to you 1 month before the wedding.

For last minute orders, we do offer next working day delivery to anywhere within mainland UK on most items.

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