Preparing the Perfect Confetti Moment 

We understand the importance of that perfect confetti moment, so we have put together some advice on measures you may need to take along with selecting the perfect petal confetti.

Will my Venue Allow Confetti? 

Firstly, ensure your venue is on board. Most first-rate venues, often imbued with a more discerning sense of environmental responsibility, recommend couples to opt for biodegradable confetti. This is considered a more elegant choice of confetti, not only bestowing a touch of natural splendour like delicate blossoms descending from a tree, but also serving as a testament to your unwavering commitment to our precious environment. So, before you commit to your desired confetti, ensure you speak to your venue and confirm that your confetti choice aligns with their policies.  

Customer Photograph by Amanda Wilcock at Denton Hall

Petals & Roses offers a wide variety of freeze-dried, biodegradable petals, with an extensive range of colours to choose from, ensuring you can effortlessly combine your confetti colouring with your wedding colour scheme, all the while maintaining the eco-conscious message behind opting for biodegradable – which, in our opinion, is the real glamorous touch.  

Talking through your confetti moment with your venue is a wonderful way to gain insight into their secret locations and tried-and-tested backdrops to ensure that your confetti moment is truly beautiful and everything you dreamed it would be.  

Discuss Your Confetti Moment with Your Photographer 

Whether you seek the timeless allure of the traditional newlyweds’ runway surrounded by your loved ones, an intimately tender moment shared between just the two of you, or perhaps a symphony of confetti during your first dance, there are so many ways to stylise your confetti moment. It can be as unique to you as your special day.  

Customer Photograph

Having a heartfelt discussion with your chosen photographer to go over the finer detail shall make for a truly mesmerising visual narrative, ensuring that you are both in sync as to what each other are anticipating of the moment and that, whatever it may be, it’s captured in still for a lifetime. If your photographer truly exceeds expectations, you will find yourself so immersed in the moment you won’t even notice they’re there.  

Which Confetti Should I Order?  

Once you’ve finished those essential conversations, it’s now time to embark on the exciting journey of choosing your wedding confetti. To help you decipher exactly how much you require, we have a very convenient ‘petal calculator’ on our website, which is a user-friendly tool that deciphers how many handfuls of confetti you’ll need based on the number of guests you have – to guarantee none go without of course! It will also help you if you need advice on how many litres are required for a petal path or tablescaping display.  

Photograph by The Soul of My Lens

Our most prominent piece of advice when it comes to confetti is that you can never have too much! This is your once in a lifetime chance to create that spectacular memory, so the bigger better and the more the merrier! This will not only be that one photograph that you share on social media, but one that you will cherish forever, so our one rule is this: be sure to truly embrace it. 

To help guide you through the process of ordering large petal confetti, we follow this simple ratio: 

1 litre for 10 guests, 6 litres for 50, 13 litres for 100 guests, use our petal calculator to work our your perfect amount of confetti.

Which Petals Should I Order for Wedding Confetti? 

So, you’ve picked the petals, and now it’s time to start planning the colours of your mix. Both dried rose and hydrangea petals will give you that showstopping confetti moment, as they’re big enough to float gracefully down to the ground around you, where they maintain their aesthetic impact. Confetti comprised of larger petals is perfect for those brides and grooms who are conscious of getting confetti caught in their hair, as the petals will simply cascade down past your shoulders, like something akin to walking through an enchanting dream.  

If you are looking for a minimalistic subtle confetti moment to seamlessly blend with your wedding décor, then take a look at our white hydrangea petals, or even our Ivory, Cream or Ivory Pink Edge rose petals! Or, if you’re looking for a more popping vibrant moment, our Peony Pink, Yellow, Sunset Kiss and Rainbow mixes might just be the petals for you. 

Petals and Roses Pick and Mix Confetti

However, if nothing is feeling quite right, you can always take a look at our Pick & Mix option to create a bespoke confetti mix as unique to you as your special day.  

Once you have chosen your mix, we recommend displaying your petals in either of our crisp white Confetti Cone Box or Petal Display Box, where you can request for someone in your bridal party to hand these out to your guests.  

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Enjoy your wedding planning!

Petals & Roses x