3 things to avoid when choosing your wedding colour scheme

Deciding your colour palette for your wedding can be a joyous yet stressful event. Quite often people are influenced by seasonal colours or colour trends, and more often than not – these aren’t actually the colours they like. We have devised our top tips, to ensure you select your perfect colour palette, that best reflects your preferences and your personality. 

Tip 1 – Don’t replicate a celebrity’s wedding  

Quite often we build Pinterest boards based on imagery from influencers or celebrity weddings, do you really like their wedding dress? Or is it just because it’s Ellie Goulding’s? Was Idris Elba’s red colour scheme exactly what you were looking for, or is it just because he is such a delight? When looking for inspiration from celebrity weddings, do exactly that… Only look for inspiration, add your own edge to their ideas. This day is all about you, and it can be easy to lose your perfect day in the image of someone else’s.  

Tip 2 – Don’t choose your colour palette based on your bridesmaid dresses 
A teal bridesmaid dress is indeed, sensational. But, is it practical? A common mistake that most brides make is that they tend to choose colours that aren’t found in the natural world, that are hard to match to their flowers, decor and venue. 

Opt for a neutral colour or natural hue and then elaborate with décor from that. Consider time of year, what flowers you’d like in your boquet or as part of your floral display, will they be available? Create a colour palette and don’t be afraid to have a spectrum of colours. Who doesn’t love 50 shades of pink?  

Life Pro Tip  
Once you’ve picked rough colours for your wedding, pop into your local B&Q or hardware store and pick up some paint swatches to add to your wedding planner. You will never be caught without your wedding colours again! 
You can even Pick and Mix your petal décor and floral arrangement to match. 

Tip 3 – Match your colour scheme to your venue  
If you would love a fairytale castle for your big day, and want to best represent that, then bright colours and carnival vibes simply won’t match. The ambience will be mystic, calming, authentic – go for a tone that best matches the feel of the venue.  Or maybe you are getting married abroad? An elegant tonal variation of blue would work perfectly.

A beautiful white venue like this French Chateau, would easily accommodate most colour schemes, bright and bold or neutral and pastel – be sure to include these points in your planner/mood board. 

How to decide on a colour scheme for your wedding  

Start with your favourite colours, what represents you as a person? 
If you’re really not sure, why not hire a wedding planner to help you with this? You can also order samples from wedding suppliers, like our petal samples that arrive straight through your letterbox to help you decide. 

If you are thinking of something bright and cheerful, what about yellow?  
Imagine iconic bright yellow rose petals scattered by your flower girl down the aisle, or adding yellow roses to your wedding decor? 

What flowers do you like? Hydrangeas? Create a beautiful petal path made from Sky Blue Hydrangeas to match your pastel bouquet – you could even colour match some bridesmaid dresses, given the perfect pantone.  

Are you opting for a Winter Wedding or a Spring Wedding? 
Think about what colours best match your ambience, a warm day in the Spring can be beautifully complimented by a botanical vibe with some bright pinks – match with Pantones Spring 2021 colour palette.  
Explore our Pinterest for sensational ideas and ultimate inspiration to create your perfect wedding. 

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