Pantone Wedding Trends for Spring 2021

Although so many couples have experienced great disappointment in having to postpone their wedding dates, let us all take great pleasure in positive thinking and making light of the situation.  

Brides and Grooms alike, have been given the opportunity to reflect on the real meaning behind marriage, the beauty of unity! 

It has also given us more time to plan our big day, and add in those finishing touches that may have slipped out of our wedding planner.  

Spring and Summer Weddings are some of the most popular amongst soon-to-be brides and grooms. Popular colour schemes so often capture the abundance of bright colours, warm weather and beautiful blooms. 
Pantone have released their colour trend palette for 2021, giving us the ultimate inspiration for our 2021 weddings.  

Summer Bouquet 

First off is a deep, and rich red – complimented by a variety of botanical vibes such as pastel pinks and a bold green. This combination creates an elegant summer palette, that reflects positivity and joy. 

You could showcase these breathtaking colours by mixing an array of bright Peonies or Roses, and Eucalyptus – taking on the botanical vibe throughout. 

How about a scattering of our gorgeous Candy Floss or Fuschia biodegradable rose petals, to replicate the same colour scheme throughout your table décor? Our freeze-dried petals make the perfect addition to any table layout, gently scatter them amongst your arrangements as a delicate statement to support your centrepeice.  


Not to be deceived by the name, this beautiful array of colours harmonizes the use of vibrant Yellows, Pale Lavender, Aqua and Cream. 

We recommend making yellow, which represents joy and happiness, the statement amongst this colour scheme.  

Yellow Roses, are the perfect statement flower for this colour scheme.  Fill your bouquet with Yellow Roses, beautiful Lavender and seasonal foliage – complimented by a creamy white Gypsophilla to mellow out the colours and add an essence of nature. 

Have your beautiful flower girl scatter Yellow rose petals down your aisle, or place an elegant freeze-dried Yellow Rose Cube on every place mat to ensure your guests receive a sentimental memento from your big day. 

Power Surge 

Power Surge is the ultimate colour combination for Summer. It is a combination of; rich pinks, dynamic blues, piercing reds and deep greens with a dash of pale orange. 

The ultimate pop of colour for a bright and vibrant wedding. Whilst pastel colours are still the reigning supreme, the bright and vibrant rainbow colour palettes are becoming ever more popular. 

From bridesmaids dresses to blooms, this colour scheme can be easily shown off throughout the entire wedding.  

Utilise our unique Pick and Mix service and combine both   bold and subtle colours to create the ultimate power surge. 

A statement mix is our beautiful Rainbow, created to achieve the perfect petal blend. 

These gorgeous petals can be used to create a desirable petal path down your aisle, or will give you your perfect confetti moment photo, with a gentle flutter of colourful and energetic rose petals.  

Petals & Roses have a wide range of petals to match any colour palette. We also have a variety of display packages available, to ensure the perfect petal confetti display for your big day.  

How about a stunning Confetti Cone box? Offer a confetti cone to each of your guests for your confetti moment. Our cones are available in 5 different colours, or even in Kraft for the luxury boho themed wedding. 

Our pre-order service is perfect for the 2021 newlyweds. It ensures that all of your petal arrangements are taken care of.We deliver a few weeks before your big day, ensuring the best possible petal quality, and relieving you of any stress.  

Check out Pantones stunning 2021 colour trends here.  

Petals & Roses.