Top 5 Wedding Prep Tips you need to know

Recently engaged? Excited for your 2020/2021 wedding?

With all this time on our hands, what better way to spend it than planning your wedding?

Planning your wedding is such an exhilarating experience that sometimes your excitement can run away with you.

Are you getting married abroad? Having a big church wedding? What food are you having? All of this can certainly be overwhelming.

So, we have gathered some tips on how to remain calm and plan your wedding in peace!

  • Find a great photographer and videographer

Photographs are your wedding caught in an instance, guaranteeing that it is never forgotten and always remembered. So much happens and the day goes by with so much excitement, that it is impeccable that you get a good photographer and videographer to capture your day!

When searching for your ideal wedding photographer, don’t go by price! Budget is sometimes not the best option. Go for a photographer whose portfolio suits your style and speak with a few different photographers, tell them what you want and let them pitch their ideas.

Communicate with your photographer and tell them exactly what you want to capture – facial expressions, staged photos and your confetti moment (of course).

  • Make a wedding venue mood board

Visiting wedding venues is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. Given the circumstances, this may not be possible. However, most venues are now doing virtual tours! A venue mood board is exciting, from this you can pick which one really caught your attention and rate them from favourite to least favourite!

Grab a glass of wine, snuggle on your sofa and book your appointment in with your favourite venues.

  • Picking a colour scheme

It can be super hard deciding what colour scheme to go for, so maybe have a look on Pinterest! We would always recommend looking at colour meanings too! The trend of 2020 is botanical, pale colours with hints of green! Whereas, the assumed trend of 2021 is bright and vibrant colours. As traditions fade, so do the basic colour schemes. Are you fun and outgoing? Let this reflect in your colour scheme with bright colours such as Orange and Yellow… Or do you prefer simplicity? We have a beautiful petal combination that would work wonderfully with a white wedding – Fairytale!

  • Set some goals

We all dream of our perfect wedding as a child, and most of us have already created a mood board… If you haven’t, then we highly recommend doing so. It is such a delight, having the foundations to work from!

Nevertheless, it is so easy to get swept away in amongst the excitement of wedding planning, that it is sometimes possible to forget about the important parts. So, before the chaos arises, discuss your goals and expectations with your partner…

What do you want from this day?

Excitement? Fun? Romance? Beauty?

What do you want it to represent?

 Your love? Your interests? Your personalities?

Share your ideas with your friends and family over a glass of bubbly, and let them help achieve your goals! Don’t be taken by the suggestions of what a wedding should be like, this is your special day and you should make it exactly how YOU want it.

  • Don’t forget who your day is really about

When you begin planning your wedding, be sure you stay true to yourself and your original ideas. Don’t be distracted by others weddings and their concepts. It is nice to get inspiration but you want to ensure that your day solely reflects the personality and likes of you and your partner. Allow your unique personalities to intertwine as one and embrace all of your favourite things. Do you like travel? Base your table arrangements on destinations that you have travelled. Do you like Jazz music? Get a live jazz band! There are so many ways that you can reflect your personalities, so start with writing down your favourite things, and work from that.

In amongst the excitement, people tend to forget who and what the day is really for. Your closest family and friends are there to celebrate YOUR day. Try focussing on yourselves, your guests will go with the flow.

Perfection is of course defined by the eyes of the beholder, so if your day is perfect for you – it is complete. This day will create memories that you will treasure forever, as you and your partner embark on the journey that is the rest of your life. Keep calm, and get excited.

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