Top 3 Household Plants to boost your mood

With the likes of Mrs Hinch and @inthefrow showcasing their beautiful homes, it seems to be that they have surrounded themselves with an indoor jungle, full of feel-good plants. Plants have regained their glory in a millennial society. As well as looking beautiful and adding a botanical feel to your living room, indoor gardens have been said to boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. They can also reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

Today, we are presenting you with three of the best household plants to have in your home.


This plant is very low-maintenance and can grow up to 10ft tall.

It filters out harmful toxins in the air of your home – bringing you that serene and relaxing vibe through the release of M. Vaccae; the natural antidepressant.

Ficus plants are a stylish and tranquil addition to your home decor, and can also be placed outside – bringing that indoor jungle out to your patio.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a commonly used product, that features in a variety of top end brands such as Lush, The Body Shop, Vaseline and Nivea.

With a mountain of health benefits, it is no wonder this gorgeous indoor plant is a must for any indoor garden.

This arid plant, only needs to be watered deeply every one to two weeks. Aloe Vera is a great medicinal addition to have in your home, the gel like substance inside is fabulous for your skin and obviously ALL NATURAL.

To be kept in direct sunlight and given the love and care it deserves.


The great thing about Pothos plants is that they’re extremely resilient – they’ll put up with a large amount of neglect – great for those not so maternal plant mums. This ivy type plant looks beautiful in a hanging basket and almost shoves English Ivy in to the waters. It will continue to grow and grow and grow – make sure you trim it back.  


‘to plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow’

Audrey Hepburn