Limited Edition Rose Petals – Velvet Desire

What is Velvet Desire? 
Our Limited Edition Velvet Desire rose petal is a rich burgundy coloured rose petal! This sultry petal has been freeze dried to lock in the iconic shape and colour for up to 3 months, when stored away from heat moisture and direct light! 

What can freeze dried petals be used for? 

This maroon/merlot coloured petal makes the perfect finishing touch for an autumnal wedding. Merely scatter the petals along the floor to create a petal path, or throw over the newlyweds as they walk from the ceremony. 
Petals can also be the ultimate addition to a lush proposal, accompanied beautifully by a candle lit dinner. Or maybe you are thinking of creating a petal path to guide your love to your iconic proposal spot, how stunning! 

Planning a romantic weekend away but don’t want to use the traditional red rose petals scattered across the bed? Opt for a more mysterious and seductive tone of deep burgundy, with our Velvet Desire and decorate the bed with a stunning ‘I love you’ made out of real rose petals. You could then reuse the petals for a relaxing bath, serenity at its finest. 

What packaging is available? 

These petals are available to purchase in 1 or 2 litre boxes. Your boxes arrive to you encased in a gorgeous sleeve, and complemented by a stunning rose gold detail. Our wonderful packaging can be recycled and the window is compostable, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.  

Or maybe you are seeking a more extravagant display? Our confetti cone boxes are simply gorgeous, adding an elegant edge to your wedding and ensuring that social distancing is adhered to by encouraging each guest to grab their own cone! A perfect wedding isn’t complete without it.  And we just cannot forget about the beautiful flower girl, equipped with her very own Flower Girl Basket, full of petals for her to sprinkle down the aisle. 

Petal Samples 

Can’t decide if this is your perfect petal? Simply order yourselves some petal samples, and try them out for size! We are sure that you will fall in love with the velvet texture and piercing colour of these wonderful petals.  

If you’re an organised couple you can order your petals in advance using our fabulous Pre-Order service. Ensuring the best quality, freshly freeze-dried petals. 

Check out our Pinterest board for the ultimate Purple and Burgundy wedding, featuring our gorgeous Velvet Desire.  

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