Expert advice with luxury wedding planner Ella Hartig

Finding the right wedding planner for your big day is crucial, you want someone who can understand your vision perfectly and execute it better than you imagined.⁠ In order to understand what is required when searching for the perfect wedding planner, Petals and Roses caught up with the luxury wedding planner Ella HartigElla shared with us her expert advice, top tips, favourite venues and more.

Ella in action

When did you start Ella Hartig Events and what sets you apart from other wedding planners?

Having been in the events and hospitality industry almost a decade, I decided to set up my own event planning company in 2020.

At Ella Hartig Events we create unique and heartfelt celebrations worldwide. By really getting to know our clients we design a wedding weekend that celebrates their unique love story. We want guests to leave the wedding feeling that it was utterly and completely representative of that couple.

We also want to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible for each couple. We therefore work on a select number of weddings each year and ensure we are aligned with each of our couples. Weddings really are such a unique occasion so every single one is special!

Furthermore I am a big advocate that each of us can make a positive difference to this world so I donate a percentage of profits to charity each year, search out high quality sustainable suppliers(*) and support carbon reducing projects globally. My couples can be safe in the knowledge that not only are we going to help them plan an incredible weekend that represent their unique love story but we are also trying to leave a positive impact on the world.

*This is actually how I first connected with Petals & Roses, I really love all the sustainable practices you have in place, from your use of solar power to dry the petals, to your completely recyclable packaging inclusive of compostable windows and eco friendly tape! Petals & Roses are a brand that perfectly align with our company, your sustainable practices take nothing away from you gorgeous product, they just add to the beauty of it!

Petals and Roses Packaging

What piece of advice would you give to couples in search of the right planner for them?

You are going to be working together with your planner for an extended period of time so make sure you get on with them as a person. There are loads of amazing planners out there so finding the right one for your style and personality is key to you maximising the efficiency and enjoyment of the whole process.

Which part of the wedding takes the most planning?

This really varies on each couples priorities but I’d probably say it is either the venue finding or bringing all the styling elements together to ensure the design is beautifully cohesive.

Finding the right venue really does set the tone for the whole event so it is understandable this can take some time. Then bringing all the styling elements together at the end is key to elevating the day so both are important elements.

Styled shoot with Ella at Euridge Manor
Photo credit: Emma Jane Photography
Featuring Summer Mix Petal Confetti

Tell us your favourite part of planning and the most challenging?

I adore the venue search. I started my career in luxury venues and I love discovering new openings, whether that be a new 5 star country house hotel, a boutique beach side spot that’s just been granted a wedding license, or a barefoot luxury vineyard in Tuscany, I like to stay on top of new venue openings so that when clients come to me with their unique vision I am equipped with a range of suitable suggestions. It is also a great reason to visit lots of beautiful places!

The most challenging part is managing expectations. Pinterest and Instagram are great initial inspiration tools however their aspirational pictures do not have price tags next to them so explaining the reality of the costs to clients can sometimes feel like you are the bearer of bad news/dream crusher! That’s where we have to come in with an alternate beautiful suggestion that fits their allocated funds.

Is there a popular wedding style or theme that couples are going for the moment?

We try and stay away from trends as we design every wedding uniquely for each couple and ideally many of our clients like their day to be a timeless reflection of themselves. That being said we do sometimes have hints of trends sneaking in, one that we love is the wedding weekend rather than day. The majority of our clients plan a wedding weekend with a welcome reception Friday, wedding Saturday and post wedding brunch Sunday. This means you get much more time to spend with your guests and there is not quite as much pressure on that one day being the best day ever! So we are a supporter of this trend!

Ella in action

We love that you recommend our petals to your clients – thank you! Yoosun and Greg’s confetti moment was beautiful, in fact every detail of their day was perfect and they give you such a wonderful testimonial. Tell us a bit about the style of their wedding day.

Yoosun and Greg were such a lovely couple, they are based in America however Yoosun studied at Oxford and really wanted to showcase the city to her international guestlist. I think as Brits we really take the history and beauty of our country for granted sometime. Why rush to Italy and France for dreamy destination wedding when you can create that destination vibe here in the UK too, that’s what we did with Yoosun and Greg. Their wedding was a weekend of celebrations in a city that meant a lot to them. Their guests absolutely loved exploring it all, from the Harry Potter filming tours, to the punting on the river, to exploring the Cotswolds, there was something for everyone to do between wedding events. The day itself was classic and pretty without being overwhelmingly girly, the confetti shot under Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs was beautiful thanks to your gorgeous confetti (of course matching the wedding colours perfectly!).

Yoosun & Greg’s Confetti Moment
Image credit: David Christopher Photography

Which venue or destination would you recommend for an unforgettable wedding?

I adore a destination wedding, every guest is in high holiday spirits. Whether that’s leaving the city you live in and taking guests to the English countryside for a staycation wedding somewhere gorgeous like Euridge in the Cotswolds or Chewton Glen in the New Forest, or whether that’s all heading abroad to somewhere dreamy like The Belmond in Taormina Sicily or Conti di San Bonifacio in Tuscany, or heading further afield to a stunning beachside location in Grenada, like Calabash or Mount Cinnamon, there are so many wonderful options out there to suit each couple. The key is choosing somewhere that means something to them. For me, the mountains win every time but of course I am biased as I got engaged in Austria and went on to have a lovely alpine wedding in the snow there!

Have you ever had any crazy requests?

Yes, however, discretion is key so none that I can repeat here I’m afraid!

Hopefully our Q&A with Ella was insightful and will help in find the perfect wedding planner to entrust with this all important task.

Petal & Roses X