World Earth Day – Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

A 2020 trend is an eco-friendly and partially sustainable wedding! 

There are so many ways in which you can do your bit! To celebrate World Earth Day, we have collated some great ideas on how to add some eco-friendly elements into your celebration.  

DIY Favours  

Little bags of confetti are a lovely addition to the table décor and absolutely lovely wedding favours. If you can’t source your own petals, you can buy natural, 100% biodegradable petal confetti from Petals and Roses, why not try our pick & mix to match your colour scheme! Another great addition would be homemade jam or mini glass wine bottles? 

Recycled Rings

See if there are rings that have been passed down through generations. This makes them sentimental and adds another eco-friendly element to your wedding! 

Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dress 

Your bridesmaids are much more likely to wear their dress more than once if it’s a design they love. What we’re trying to avoid here is the throwaway culture of wearing a dress once and shoving it to the back of the wardrobe. Give them a colour scheme and let them pick their own dresses! Maybe even donate the dresses afterwards? Or they can keep them for another occasion! It is also a lovely way of letting the bridesmaids express their personalities and style  

Confetti & Petal Paths 

Gone are the days of sparkly confetti that doesn’t decompose! Real flower confetti is a great addition to any eco-friendly celebration. P&Rs rose petals are 100% biodegradable and come in a variety of different colours! Scatter these lovely petals across your tables, throw them for your confetti moment photo, or even pop them in your flower girl baskets – and don’t worry about the mess! 


Emailing your invites means a substantial saving of £££. 

Consider emailing your guests with pretty designs made on Canva, there are so many options! As shown in our most recent blog! Another benefit of this is that your guests are already on their emails so there should be no delaying in RSVP’ing to you! 

Consider your food and caterers! 

Local farmers and companies with a sustainable ethos are always a good host for catering your eco-friendly wedding. If your venue only offers in-house catering, then speak to the chef as soon as you can. You want to know where the food comes from and if there are local alternatives – avoids packaging and imported food. 

Plus, it will be cheaper to source your own produce. Add a personal touch by letting your wedding guests know about the local produce! A great little addition. 

Avoid Floral Foam 

Commonly referred to as Oasis, the chemicals in floral foam can leak into water and air, the dust is also dangerous. This specific item won’t decompose and just goes straight to landfill!  

Hire a Coach 

Guests often prefer to use their cars or get taxis to your wedding as the venue can sometimes be quite out the way, but this leaves a heavy carbon footprint. Maybe consider using a coach company and advise guests to use that form of transport – party bus? 

Hire and DIY décor 

Always ask whether decor items can be hired instead of bought. For example, choose  to hire your buntings and table décor. Watch out for plastic and none biodegradable items! Speak to event hire companies, often they will have display stands and table décor to hire. ‘I have chosen to add a personal touch to my wedding, I thought that it makes the day more special knowing that I contributed to have my day exactly how I wanted it. It also kept me busy and made me maintain excitement for my big day. I like the thought of having an eco-friendly wedding as it shows that I am doing my bit to ensure a better earth for my children.’ Robyn Fletcher – 2021 bride.