Why use freeze dried petals?

With more and more wedding venues prohibiting the use of man-made wedding confetti, freeze dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by brides to be as an eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable alternative to paper wedding confetti.

The freeze drying process is environmentally friendly and doesn’t use any chemicals. The end result is stunning, soft to touch and will not wilt, go wrinkly or go brown. Perfect every time.

All of our rose petals are hand-picked in the UK and will not stain clothing or fabric thanks to their natural colour properties (with the exception of our blue, green and rainbow dyed petals).

Choose from a variety of colours

You can choose from over 28 colours of petal, including carnation and hydrangea petals. All of our wedding confetti is made using premium grade petals to ensure the highest quality. Unlike other types of petal confetti, freeze dried petals will not become slippery when wet.

You can view our full range of petals by clicking here, or look at our latest gallery photos from happy clients who have used our confetti for their special day.

Add some extra magic to your special day

We understand that as brides to be, you want your wedding to be perfect – including creating the perfect ‘confetti moment’ on your special day. What could be more magical than walking out of your wedding venue as husband and wife, with your family and friends showering you with beautiful, natural rose petals, lovingly hand-picked in the UK?

As well as our standard, single colour petals, we also offer a Pick & Mix option which allows you to choose up to 3 petals colours of your choice. We’re always expanding our product offering to meet customer demand and recent trends. As a result, we’ve developed some wonderful rose petal alternatives to include a wonderful carnation petal mix and delicate two-tone hydrangea petals.