Why Choose Preserved Roses over Fresh Cut?

Preserved Rose Collection in Red

A symbol of love and sympathy, roses are one of the most popular and well-loved flowers. Due to their versatility, they are used to celebrate and commemorate a range of occasions. Whilst they are a beautiful way to show someone how much you truly care, the moment does not last long due to the shelf life of fresh cut roses. However with our Preserved Roses, you are providing a year or more of enjoyment.

Preserved Roses are still 100% natural and real, they have just undergone a preservation process to maintain their natural beauty without the need of sunlight and water. The preserving process starts when the flower is harvested at its peak, then plant sap and water are carefully replaced with a specific mixture of plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula to keep them looking fresh.

Preserved Roses are the ideal gift not only because they are stunning to look at and help hold precious memories for longer; you don’t require florist expertise to keep them looking perfect.

With this in mind we have outlined 5 reasons why Preserved Roses are a better choice to send to those you love.

1.Low Maintenance Roses

A bouquet of fresh cut roses require daily care, once received the stems need to be trimmed and foliage removing. They must be placed in a vase of water (which needs changing regularly) and displayed in a cool, light place. Even after all the maintenance the petals will eventually start to show signs of discolour, wilt and in the end drop. Whereas Preserved Roses require no water or light to remain beautiful and vibrant. No vase is required (only if you want it for decorative purposes for our Rose Stems), keep them displayed in the luxury white box that they arrive in and ensure they are not placed in direct sunlight to avoid fading. There is no need to pick up dropped petals, the only job required is to sit back, relax and enjoy these beautiful flowers.

Long Lasting Pink Preserved Rose Luxe Box for Home Decor
Long Lasting Pink Preserved Rose Luxe Box for Home Decor

2.Long Lasting Roses

This is one of the biggest benefits for Preserved Roses. Typically fresh cut roses only last up to one week. Our Preserved Roses have been carefully preserved to halt the growing process giving you a stunning rose that lasts 1 year. Making them the perfect long-lasting home decor ornament or a memorable gift for someone who adores roses which can be enjoyed for so much longer.

We are finding that more and more people are buying Preserved for their wedding day as they can be kept as mementos long after the special day.

Yellow Hanging Preserved Rose Gift for home Decor
Yellow Hanging Preserved Rose Gift for home Decor

3.Environmentally Friendly Roses

Trying to do better for the environment? Preserved Roses are the right choice.  They are much more efficient than fresh cut roses, due to their long shelf life and low energy transport and storage. The result is that the preserved flowers have a carbon footprint significantly lower than fresh cut because you are not continually replacing preserved roses. Help protect the environment one preserved rose at the time.

4.Variety of Colour

The colour palette we offer goes beyond the traditional colours of Red, Pink and White. You can choose from Blue, which represents trust, honestly and loyalty. Black, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings and Yellow for joy and happiness. The variety is great when it comes to gifting as you can either choose a favourtie colour, or something that matches their home interiors. Better still they are available all year round.

Celebrate a first wedding anniversary by gifting our Yellow Luxe Rose Box (Yellow or Gold represents the first year of marriage) or for a September birthday select our Blue Preserved Rose Stem, a colour that aligns with their birth stone.

5.Cost Effective

When you opt for Preserved Roses you no longer have to buy new flowers every week making them much more cost effective. They aren’t heavy on the pocket as you investing in a product that will last for up to a year or longer. They are really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Single Red Preserved Rose Stem

Effortless Care Tips

  • Your preserved flower may require an occasional removal of dust. Ideally with an air spray, air blower or alternatively gentle dusting with a soft cloth.
  • Do not place on light surfaces due to the preserving process it is possible preserved flowers may stain.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to keep the rose as vibrant as possible.
  • Do not add water.
  • Keep them indoors. They are not suitable for the outdoor elements.
  • Handle with care. Remember they are still natural flowers.

We have a beautiful range of eco-friendly, long lasting and low maintenance roses to choose from, whether its a decoration for your home or a thoughtful gift for someone special – they will not disappoint.

Explore our exquisite collection.