Send a personal everlasting rose gift

Surprise a loved one with a beautiful preserved rose, that lasts up to a year and a sentimental gift card to show them you are thinking of them. Introducing our brand-new gift cards, available on all of our preserved roses

All our stunning Rose Stems and Rose Heads are cut and preserved when they are at their most beautiful. Ensuring the best possible quality, and long-lasting beauty! 

Our preserved roses are the ultimate gift for any birthday, anniversary or proposal! Accompanied by a luxury rose gold gift card that is handwritten to give that personal touch, and sealed with a beautiful rose gold ampersand. 

When to send a thoughtful gift message. 

Proposal or Anniversary 

These gift messages are the perfect way to ask someone to marry you. What better way to represent love and affection than with a preserved red rose that lasts up to 1 year, a constant reminder of a special occasion. You can make it that little extra bit special with a gorgeous petal path, leading your loved one to a breath-taking spot for the all-important question. Then, hand your love a gorgeous and elegant preserved rose with the ring nestled inside, and an adorable gift message saying ‘Will You Marry Me?’ 

Or maybe you want to present your loved one a special anniversary gift? Our preserved roses are the perfect and most thoughtful way to express your appreciation. 

Show someone you are thinking of them 

A thoughtful way to show someone you care is by sending them a delicate rose and a kind gift message.  

Choose your selected roses from a range of available colour options and have them delivered straight to their door, a lovely surprise and an extremely thoughtful gesture for someone who may be having a hard time. We love the idea of a yellow rose to symbolise hope, optimism, and friendship. 


Surprise your family member or friend with a selection of preserved roses of their favourite colour – be it a gentle single stem or a stunning rose cube – accompanied with a luxury ‘Happy Birthday’ message. Personalised by you, handwritten by us. 

How do I do it? 

Simply select your chosen preserved roses, quite often a lovely addition is to choose a rose cube with a matching rose stem! A delightful gesture or fabulous proposal package when accompanied with some scattered petals. Following this, scroll down and select Add a Gift Message. 

For more gift ideas, check out our social media pages that are filled with beautiful roses and elegant petals. 

Petals and Roses.