Petal samples to help you decide what petals best suit your big day!

Petals and Roses recently introduced our very own Petal Sample service, to help you decide the perfect petal colours for your wedding, event or celebration. 

With such a wide range of colours from our freeze-dried rose and hydrangea petals. It can be super hard, deciding what petals would suit your flower arrangement or your colour scheme.

Our samples will help you decide what petals best fit your day – making your decision, so much easier. 

Why should I order petal samples? 

Our Petal Sample service has been created to ensure you are given the opportunity to see and feel your luxury petals, before choosing your ultimate petal combination. Treat your petal samples like adorable colour swatches, what better way plan your special event? 

What’s in a petal sample box?  

Our Petal Sample box comes equipped with up to 5 of your desired petal samples; perfectly encased in a sachet, wrapped delicately in tissue paper and labelled to ensure you select your perfect petal colour when choosing your order. 

Plastic free packaging 

Following our eco-friendly ethos, we also supply all of our petal samples in compostable sachets and stunning recyclable packaging. Perfect for the eco-conscious couple.  

There is nothing better than seeing the beautiful petals in real life, giving you the ability to match them to your colour scheme. 

Not to mention that once you have received your petals – you also get given a fabulous discount code to use on your order. 

Once you have seen your petals, the biggest decision is to then select your favourite – they’re all so beautiful!  

So, why not try out our Pick and Mix service? You can then create your own combination, bespoke to you and perfect for your celebration. 

You can order online in just a matter of seconds and within a few days your real petal samples will be delivered to your door. It’s easy, hassle free and means you get to see before you invest! 

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