Luxury petals now in brand new guilt-free packaging

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at Petals & Roses to create new stunning packaging to hold your luxury petals. We wanted to showcase our freeze dried petals in their full glory without costing the Earth. We’re incredibly proud to reveal our brand new petal packaging for 2020!  

Your gorgeous petals arrive to you in a sophisticated minimalistic white box, with rose gold foil detail, and a perfectly fitting sleeve to ensure your petals travel safely to your door. We source only the best quality rose and hydrangea petals, and carefully freeze dry them the hold their colour and shape for up to 3 months. All our luxury petals are 100% biodegradable, so you can use them for decoration and they will naturally biodegrade, leaving no impact on the environment. They’re the perfect finishing touch to add to your celebration or event, whether you are celebrating an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or evening baby shower.  

Not only are our petals eco-friendly, but so is our brand new packaging! The box is fully recyclable and we’ve created a window that’s home compostable too, so you can see your petals before opening the box. Stunning petals and guilt-free packaging, what’s not to love.  

We’ve also introduced 1 litre options for all our petals which is enough for 8-10 handfuls if you’re using it for throwing confetti.  

Our brand new 2 litre box of petals is ideal for 16-20 handfuls, or if you’re planning to use the petals to create or decorate a path, it’s enough to lightly cover 1 metre squared. To keep it simple, just use our Petal Calculator to work out how much you need to create your ultimate petal look.  

At Petals & Roses, we believe you can have your cake and eat it, that’s why we’ve created this stunning new packaging that can be fully recycled.  

Why have we chosen Eco – friendly packaging? 

Government ‘Plastic Pact’ 

The UK Plastic Pact that was introduced in 2018 has instigated an initiation, to ensure that 70 per cent of packaging is recycled or composted by 2025. 

Your beautiful petals will arrive to you in these beautiful chic boxes and will last up to 3 months when stored away from heat, moisture and direct light. If you prefer to plan ahead, you can use our convenient Pre-Order service and get your luxury rose or hydrangea petals ticked off your to do list sooner rather than later. One less thing to worry about! 
Want to make your event completely unique? Take a look at our Pick & Mix service to create a custom mix. You’re able to choose up to five different petal colours, we then mix your petals by hand and carefully package them up in our brand luxury boxes, ready for your big event. From elegant Hydrangeas to beautiful Rose petals, there are endless possibilities to create your bespoke petal mix. With so many to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

We hope you love our new Petals & Roses packaging as much as we do. We’re already sending out your orders with these brand new boxes and we’d love to hear what you think of them.  

Petals & Roses x