How and When to use Luxury Roses

The rose has been the main signifier for love, appreciation and romance, throughout the years. These elegant flowers are the perfect embodiment of affection and passion. But how does a Rose express so much emotion? The representation behind roses stems from the ancient Greek reference to Aphrodite – the goddess of love and has since been considered a sentimental gift, to represent affection.

Rose are often used to signify luxury, which is why they are used in a variety of different gestures. So how can you use your roses? 


Asking that special person to marry you can be breath-taking and nerve-wracking experience, but oh so rewarding when they say, YES! It’s a personal preference as to whether you choose an extravagant proposal, cue the fireworks, helicopter and destination of a lifetime. Or if you wish to keep it as just the two of you. Either way, being surrounded by luxury rose petals celebrates this special moment for the rest of your lives.

You could take your partner to their favourite restaurant, hire the entire place out, and fill the floor with rose petals. Or propose whilst on holiday right on the beach with the sand between your toes and a stunning walkway of petals?

Alternatively you could carefully place the ring inside a boxed Timeless Rose Stem and let them open it to reveal your heartfelt proposal and their beautiful new gift.


Receiving a beautiful flower releases endorphins, that make your heart beat that little bit faster. Giving your partner a stunning Timeless Rose Stem that lasts up to a year serves as a constant reminder of your love and appreciation. As a Timeless Rose Stem has been carefully preserved, it will hold its colour and shape just like a fresh rose. Pop the champagne and celebrate in style. Why not add a scattering of petals on your dinning room table, or as a path up to the bedroom?


Weddings are the ultimate occasion when there’s no such thing as too many petals! Did you know we supply real rose and stunning hydrangea petals to weddings, worldwide! So whether you’re planning a jet-set wedding away or an elegant English wedding in a stately manor, we have the perfect petal for you!

It doesn’t all have to be about roses either. A delicate hydrangea mix such as our wonderful Fairytale, reflects elegance and purity. It is the perfect décor addition to any white wedding or winter wonderland theme. 

Displaying your petals for confetti has never been easier with Confetti Cones, Display boxes, Baskets, or Pails. The hardest part is picking which are your favourite colours!

Alternatively if you’re looking for something with a bespoke colour? Here’s a delightful Pick & Mix of petals we supplied to a stunning Indian wedding recently – complimenting the bright red and orange colour scheme of their wonderful ceremony.  

Be it, petals scattered along the aisle, throwing over the newlyweds to mark the occasion or something delicate and eco-friendly for your beautiful little flower girl. We have so many options for your special day – simply use our Pick & Mix service to find your favourite combination. 

You can order months or years in advance with our Pre-Order option and we will deliver 1 month before your wedding day. It’s so easy!

At Home

Add a pinch of colour to finish a room with freeze dried rose petals displayed within a stylish bowl, or chic glass terrarium. There is a range of colours to choose from, whether you’re got a dainty pink and brushed grey bedroom, or duck egg blue and copper kitchen, it’s so easy to match your colour scheme. 

Take time to have a little me time! Sprinkle your real rose petals in the tub with your favourite bath bomb or an essence of lavender oil and treat yourself to a bit of relaxation and indulgence.
Alternatively if you feel like creating something special, make your own beauty products. We have a fantastic ‘create your own’ Honey, Oat and Rose petal face cleanser recipe on one of our most recent blog posts

Baby Showers & Gender Reveals 

Gender reveals are becoming more ostentatious, with extravagant ways to announce the gender of your baby, such as; confetti cannons, extra-large cakes with coloured interior and even piñatas.  
How about trying something a little different? Create your own Gender Reveal box filled with rose petals – either our gorgeous Chelsea Blue for a boy or our lovely Aphrodite pink for a girl (maybe even both). Securely attach the box up high with a string to open from the bottom, then pull the string for a flourish of coloured petals to fall over you and your partner and reveal to your friends and family, if it’s a boy or a girl! Make sure to capture on video and share with your friends and family that could’t make it too!

Our stunning rose cubes are available in 6 different colours – including Blue and Pink! The perfect table décor addition to any baby shower or gender reveal! With the ever-growing trend of extravagant baby showers, with flower walls and balloon arches – the timeless rose cube is sure to make an appearance. Be it as a gift, or merely to add a pop of colour to your wonderful celebration. 

If you have an upcoming celebration and need some help deciding what coloured petals you want, you can order up to 5 petal samples and have them delivered direct to your door. Visit our sample page, select your samples and follow the details. It only take a few minutes and can help you decide.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas and keep up to date with our Instagram account, we love to share your photos too!

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