Top upcoming Honeymoon destinations of 2021

Honeymoon planning throughout this uncertainty may be difficult, but you simply have to maintain excitement and remain positive. In light of the current situation, use this time to save for your dream destination!

Below are our top Honeymoon destinations of 2021!

  • South Africa – Safari

An upcoming trend and safari haven!

Nowadays you can pick up a safari for around £2k for 4 days – that’s 8 excursions, you’re sure to see Africa big 5! The spectacular views of South Africa are somewhat captivating in a way that will ensure you’ll want to revisit again, and again. Indulge in the native tribe’s values, eat dinner with them, learn their cultural dances and embrace the open air of which animals roam freely around you! You can stay in a beautiful lodge on the reserve, with added luxuries such as evening events, home cooked native SA dishes (bunny chow is a treat), or even a visit from a heard of elephants drinking from your plunge pool. South Africa offers so much, a 2 week vacation is sure enough to take your breath away.

With so much to do, it is clear why SA is an ever-growing ideal honeymoon destination!

Check out – Boulder Beach, Phinda Mountain Lodge, Table Mountain!

Ulusaba Rock Lodge and Safari Lodge
  • Thailand

With people wanting adventure and excitement, South East Asia has become a hot spot for honeymooners’! Culture, exhilarating nightlife, great food and astounding views – where could you go wrong? Thai, are very welcoming and celebrate love and passion, so your hosts will be sure to make your stay as romantic as possible! Visit an Elephant Sanctuary in Chang Mai, climb the peak where Koh Samui meets Koh Tao and inhale that fresh sea air! Be sure to rent a bike, eat street food do not waste a second in this remarkable country.

Phuket, Thailand
  • Caernarfon – Wales

Don’t be deceived, there are many hidden gems on your doorstep! The UK is full of them!

There are hidden seaside getaways everywhere! If you’re appeased by the more simplistic lifestyle and want a getaway full of nature, serenity and breath-taking views then Caernarfon should definitely be a consideration! Caernarfon also neighbours Snowdonia National Park, giving you both a rural and alternative honeymoon destination.

Switch off your electronics for 24 hours for a romantic escape, and enjoy the views across the highest mountain in Wales. Grab a camper van, light a campfire and pop open a bottle of wine – this is bliss.

Snowdonia Lakes
  • Santorini

Still a number one honeymoon destination. Santorini offers affordable luxury and beauty beyond compare. The white and blue architecture gives this destination an element of elegance and sophistication. Perfect relaxation break with your loved one. The island remains the home of a small, but flourishing wine industry, treat yourselves to a wine tasting session at one of the local wineries and enjoy each other’s company whilst watching the sunset and listening to the sweet, serene sounds of the sea.

  • Iceland

Honeymooners will find a real gem in Iceland, a land famous for its intriguing landscapes, interesting culture and countless activities

A safe and wonderful destination that offers luxury cabins and vintage hotels. Dive into the natural springs of the blue lagoon and feel the temperature rise as you submerge in natural waters. Take in the beautiful scenery on horseback and who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the northern lights! A perfect destination for newly weds that simply adore excitement and the extraordinary.

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