6 Preserved Rose Colours – The ultimate gift!

A birthday? An anniversary? A proposal? Or maybe you just want to show someone you are thinking about them. 

We have a variety of preserved roses to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a colour that matches your desires, gift message options available too!

Our Rose Cubes come displayed in in a clear cube to keep dust off the rose and keep it looking perfect, all housed in a white gift box with black ribbon around it, complimented by a beautiful rose gold detail. 


The Timeless Rose Stems arrive to you in a luxury black gift box that is lined with a gorgeous silk and wrapped with a delicate bow. The box can be used to showcase the rose, or the rose can be placed in a vase or on display. 

You can choose from an array of colour options. 


Pink roses represent compassion, admiration and a fun playfulness. Given as a gift of love this is perfect for a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. Pink roses can often symbolise young love, whether you are at the beginning of your relationship or rekindling an old flame. 


White roses often represent purity, innocence and youthfulness. 
They are the main representation of a bridal rose, because of their association with young love and eternal loyalty. The perfect table décor additions to any wedding or celebration. 


Giving a black rose can signify many different things, it can symbolise a big change or mark the passing of a loved one. 
This is also a beautiful decor addition to any modern home! 


Our Blue Preserved Rose represents trust, honesty and loyalty. That’s why we think it would make the perfect gift for a loved one who has been going above and beyond, or maybe a lovely anniversary gift. 


Yellow roses symbolise warmth, delight, gladness and affection. An ideal and thoughtful gift for a Mum or Dad to say thank you, to tell a friend you’re thinking about them, or in memory of a loved one. 


Giving a red rose is an iconic symbol of love and passion, it’s the ultimate way to say, “I Love You”. It also represents commitment and love. The perfect additions to any upcoming proposal and a lovely Valentine’s day gift. 

All our preserved roses have the option to include a thoughtful gift message, why not wish your best friend a Happy Birthday, or your girlfriend/boyfriend a Happy Anniversary? 

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