Preserved Rose Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day is more important than ever, it’s an opportunity to absolutely spoil your girlfriend, fiancé or wife with a collection of luxury gifts to express your love. What better way to start than with an iconic rose.

Preserved Red Single Rose Stem in luxury Gift Box with 1 litre of Red Rose Petals and Valentine's Day Card
Valentine’s Rose Stem Gift Set

Roses are the ultimate gift to show someone special that you adore them with a deep love and passion. Giving roses on Valentine’s Day dates back to the 17th Century when King Charles II of Sweden become besotted with the language of flowers and the popularly has grown ever since. Even today we associate giving certain colour roses to a friend or loved one as a symbolic meaning.

Red is the colour of love

Giving a red rose represents love and passion. Their stunning shape and colour are affiliated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. If you want to communicate in the language of love this Valentine’s Day make sure to order a Petals & Roses preserved red rose to say, “I Love You”.

Preserved Red Rose in luxury Gift Cube with 1 litre of Red Rose Petals and Valentine's Day Card
Valentine’s Rose Cube Gift Set

These preserved roses keep their beautiful bright red colour and stunning delicate shape for 12 months or more, unlike fresh roses. They’re the perfect long-lasting gift for Valentine’s Day and can be cherished throughout the summer and into the winter too with no need to water or maintain. Your thoughtful gift will bring joy and appreciation far beyond Valentine’s Day.

Add a personal touch

With all our Valentine’s Gift Sets you receive a luxury rose gold foiled car with, “Will you be my Valentine?” with the option to add your partner’s name written by hand on the card for an extra personal touch.

Decorate with real rose petals

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a scattering real rose petals either long the floor to make a pathway or create an extravagant heart shape for your love. Alternatively, if you’re cooking a romantic meal, add a sprinkle of petals to decorate the table. Not only are these gorgeous petals biodegradable and freeze dried here in the UK, they’re the absolute epitome of luxury and last up to 3 months.

All our Valentine’s Day Gift Sets are accompanied with 1 litre of rose petals, the equivalent to 8 handfuls, or a light coverage of 1 square metre.

Alternative colours

Whilst red is the traditional rose colour choice for Valentine’s Day, rules are meant to be broken. A pink rose can represent young love (or young at heart), while a white rose can symbolise eternal elegance. There are six colours to choose from to express yourself; Romantic Red, Enchanting Pink, Purity White, Happiness Yellow, Trust Blue and Seduction Black.

Valentine’s Hanging Rose with Stand Gift Set

Order Early

As all our roses are preserved and petals freeze dried, you can easily order early this Valentine’s Day and have everything delivered ahead of time to keep hidden until the big day! Especially helpful as this year as Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday.

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