New York Bridal Fashion Week: Trend Setting for 2024 Weddings 

Image Moriella Bridalwear

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, so it could not be more fitting to cast our eye upon the forecasted wedding trends for 2024. A departure from the conventional, we invite you to explore an avant-garde realm, where brides transcend the boundaries of tradition and embrace a world of dazzling possibility, far from the timeless floor-length white bridal gowns.   

As we head into 2024, brides and grooms alike will embark on their own personal catwalk, boasting wedding attire that exudes an aura of magnificence. Casting a glow upon their natural beauty, these show-stopping wedding trends promise to be nothing short of extraordinary. 

We are excited to witness how these trends will transform the wedding industry, as an increasing number of brides and grooms embrace the opportunity to let their unique personalities shine through.  

Together, they mark a new era in matrimonial celebrations. It’s a thrilling prospect to witness high fashion make its mark on the wedding scene, redefining the essence of wedding ceremonies. 

Are White Wedding Dresses Still in? 

Rayna Bridal Gown by Ines Di Santo – Spring 2024 Collection

In the ever-evolving world of bridal fashion, the stark white wedding dress is now expected to gracefully take a step back. A profound shift is underway, as an escalating number of brides opt for the delicate hues of blush and champagne to adorn themselves with on their wedding day.  

A trend that began to surface in 2023, with embroidered and embellished details, is destined to flourish in 2024. It is a year where we anticipate witnessing an exquisite array of bridal gowns in an array of colours, each a testament to the artistry of dressmakers from far and wide.  

The purity of white shall give way to a symphony of colours, a harmonious celebration of individuality and craftsmanship that knows no bounds. 

Short Hemlined Wedding Dresses 

Grace by Lihi Hod – Spring 2024 Collection

Ladies, cast aside your hesitations and embrace a new bold era of bridal fashion! Traditional wedding gowns have enjoyed sweeping hemlines and majestic trails for decades, and it’s time for something new. 

Shorter hemlines are emerging as a captivating trend, accentuated by the allure of overskirts that make a striking statement. And for those brides who seek a more subtle yet sassy touch, leg splits offer a tantalizing compromise. 

After all, when you spend hours choosing the most exquisite pair of shoes to accompany your bridal ensemble, why hide them away from admiring eyes? Let your journey to the altar be a celebration of your individual style and the confidence to embrace change, as you dare to redefine the boundaries of bridal fashion. 

Bridal in Bloom 

Milla Nova 3D Floral Dresses

Naturally, we are in love with this trend. Picture flirty florals, in any way you desire. If a bold wedding dress is something you have always dreamt of, then turn your gaze towards Milla Nova’s bridal gowns, which graced the catwalk with oversized flowers and almost definitely left her guests in awe.  

For the brides who seek a more understated elegance, a subtle introduction to this trend is to readily embrace the timeless charm of floral laces and the graceful overlays of delicate fabrics, an effortless means by which to infuse your bridal attire with the allure of nature’s beauty.  

This trend, with its abundant floral fantasies, allows you to craft a bridal ensemble that is uniquely your own.  

Pretty Picturesque Pleats 

Nadia Manjarrez – Spring and Autumn 2024 Collections

This trend can be enjoyed by so many different wedding styles. For couples planning a classic and timeless wedding, the touch of this trend can be found in bridal skirts and the delicate waistbands of satin and silk gowns. Adding a subtle yet enchanting dimension to the elegance of traditional attire. 

Those seeking a wedding that is more distinctive and contemporary will discover this trend taking on new life in the form of crisp, pleated skirts – perhaps even trousers. A versatile element that marries tradition and fashion, allowing every couple to infuse their special day with a touch of their unique personality and style. In the world of weddings, there is room for both time-honoured grace and avant-garde flair. 

Statement Accessories  

Hera Couture Bridal Accessories

It’s the era of statement accessories. Minimalism, take a step aside and let maximalist tendencies take centre stage. It is time to enjoy bold, beautiful headpieces and more! The way you choose accessories will allow you to convey your unique style and have finishing touches that complete your captivating look.  

Enjoy and embrace this trend with confidence, for your wedding day is your grand stage, and your accessories are the brilliant spotlight that illuminates your personal style for all to behold and admire. 

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Happy Wedding Planning

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