Top 5 rose proposals

A classic way to declare your love, the rose can be the perfect addition to your big proposal! Here are some of the best ways to propose with roses.

1. Rose petal trails

A rose petal trail can be one of the most romantic uses of rose petals in a proposal. A trail leading your partner to a romantic meal, bath or a message is a perfect way to show your intent. If you are thinking about a trail of rose petals for your proposal, we would recommend using our freeze-dried rose petals that are large and will hold their colour and shape.

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2. Propose in an everlasting rose

One of the sweetest ways we have seen to propose is to hide the ring in an everlasting rose! This can be a lovely surprise for your partner and an added bonus is that they can keep their everlasting rose as a reminder for up to a year!

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3. Sprinkled over a lovely meal

Are you and your partner foodies? The perfect way to propose to a foodie is always over food! Sprinkle rose petals on the table to add to the romance of the occasion, or if you are dining out, enlist the restaurants help before hand to sprinkle the petals. They can also help with advising the best seat for the proposal or even have the waiter bring out the ring with the entrees.

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4. Spell it out!

A message written in the sand or written across your bed is one of the loveliest ways to propose! A sweet message written in rose petals can also be a great idea in your partners favourite place to make it even more personal and special for you.

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5. Say it with a single rose

Sometimes less is more, and if you know your partner and know that simple is best, a single preserved rose may be the way to go. Hide the ring in the box with the rose for an unexpected surprise!

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