Especially for you, our NHS and Keyworkers

The perfect way to say thank you .

Over the past few weeks and months we’ve seen true acts of care, kindness and support from around the world during this difficult time. The pandemic has shown us all that we’re in this together and we need each other to get through the hard times. This is even more true of the key workers that have dedicated their time and who have put their lives on the line, especially all the nurses, doctors, paramedics and hospital workers that are on the front line representing our NHS.

As a special appreciation of our NHS we’ve launched a brand new Blue Timeless Rose. This classic blue colour signifies trust, honesty and gratitude, much like how we’re all feeling toward our National Health Service. If you have a friend, family member or loved one in the NHS, show them that you recognise all the hard work they’re doing with one of these exclusive new Blue Timeless Rose Cubes. This stunning and thoughtful gift has been carefully preserved which stops the beautiful rose from ageing and allows it to be enjoyed for up to a year without the need for watering, so your gift can be cherish for much longer than fresh flowers. Placed on a bedside table, coffee table or dresser, it’s a constant reminder that you care.

Each rose is encased in a clear cube to keep it pristine and looking as fresh and vibrant, as when it was first picked. Plus the cube also avoids any dust getting onto the rose. This elegant gift arrives in a chic white box, delicately tied with a luxurious black ribbon. What better way to say thank you than with a delicate rose, the ultimate gift.

Do you know a key worker or NHS staff member? Your Sister? Your Brother? Your Friend? Your Mother?

If you love the idea of sending your loved one a rose, we have a delightful range of colours to choose from, discover the range here.

You could also create a care package with chocolates, their favourite sweets and even a bottle of something special.

Gina Simpson

Stay safe,

Petals & Roses