Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s day is that one special day a year where everyone’s focus is suddenly on love and showing your partner you care about them. It’s the one day where we make sure to take the time to do something special for the person we love, and make sure not to get caught up in work commitments and mundane day to day tasks.
Expressing our love and appreciation in a way that is thoughtful and personal can be tricky; how to pick something meaningful and special? Love and affection are expressed and received in different ways and in order to pick something your partner will love, you need to know their love language. Gestures of love are not always received the way we want them to be, the key to getting it right is to know what matters most to your partner. Here’s a round-up of the five love languages, which do you think you your partner speaks

Acts of Service

If your partner receives love through acts of service, then cooking their favourite meal, cleaning the house or bringing them a cup of coffee in bed would be the way to go. They will view you doing something nice for them as the ultimate gesture of love.

Physical contact

On the other hand, someone whose love language is physical contact would prefer a back massage or a romantic bath together. You could create a sensual bath experience by adding their favourite bath bomb, sprinkling in some stunning Romantic Red rose petals and lighting some scented candles.

Words of Adoration

If your partner’s main love language is words of adoration, a trail of beautiful rose petals like rich Damson Velvet or Burgundy from the front door to the bedroom with small thoughtful notes of appreciation or poetry along the way, might be just the ticket this Valentine. People with this love language like to be complimented and hearing all the reasons why you love them will mean a lot.

Quality Time

Alternatively, a partner whose main love language is quality time will appreciate you turning off your phone grabbing a bottle of wine and just sitting down to watch their favourite film, or even just have a tech-free chat over candlelight.

Gift Giving

The last love language of all is the one most commonly used on valentine’s day – gift giving! A traditional way of showing love or affection, gift giving will impress the majority of loved ones with this love language! Buying them something special will be the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day for them and to convey the way you feel. A gift is a token of affection and flowers have been given since Victorian times to signal affections to love interests.

Single pink preserved rose in a silk lined black box

Traditional fresh flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last very long. If you are looking to give the gift of flowers this Valentine’s day, consider everlasting roses, as these will last for many months encapsulating your intentions and letting your partner enjoy their blooms till the end of the year. Not only does that mean your gift will last much longer, but your sentiment will too. These classic preserved rose stems don’t need any water or attention to keep them looking beautiful. Pink roses are traditionally associated with happiness and innocent affection – perfect for a blossoming new relationship. White roses are on the other hand, traditionally associated with marriage or a new beginning.

Timeless red preserved rose cube gift

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and long-lasting memento to keep in the home to appreciate over months and even years stunning Timeless Rose Cubes are a great option too. As the roses have been carefully preserved they keep their natural beauty, with many colours to choose including popular red rose to signify the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift or signify intense eternal love with a black rose. You can even choose a delicate pink colour to symbolise young love.

Now you have the knowledge and inspiration for what your partner will love and how to pick the most meaningful declaration of love this Valentine’s day! Valentine’s Day is Friday 14th February, so make sure to plan ahead.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!