Did you know that Preserved Roses are more eco-friendly than fresh Roses?

Our perfect Preserved Roses, are the ultimate gift.

Unlike artificial and fresh flowers, our stunning Rose Stems and Rose Heads are cut and preserved when they are at their most beautiful. Ensuring the best possible quality, and long-lasting beauty. 

The preservation process ensures that the roses are fully hydrated with a water replacement, and are able to withstand for up to one year, maintaining their elegant shape and stunning colour. 

These unique and memorable preserved roses will maintain their beauty, without the need for constant attention e.g. watering. 

What are the advantages of preserved roses? 

As well as being low maintenance, our stunning preserved roses emit a very low carbon footprint. This is due to their long life and low energy consumption in their production, transfer and upkeep. This makes them more eco-friendly and more much environmentally friendly than artificial flowers. 

You can check out our wide range of preserved roses on our website – along with some beautiful freeze-dried petals to match! 

Petals and Roses